The game, auction and party wouldn't be possible without a dedicated group of volunteers. Thanks to all of you (even if we missed your name in this list!)

After Party

Marissa Tordoff

Tara Hayes

Kerri Facchinutti

Laura Maclean


Thomas O'Leary

Website & Social Media

Damian Rogers

First Aid

Brianne Larochelle

Game Logistics

Laurie Van Dyke
Stephen Straub


Stacey Purser

Brandy Shaw

SELT Outreach

Ashley Gelinas

Ryan Schudra

SLS Outreach

Jordan McDermott

Shireen Bangash

Jarett Schaumberger

Goal Judges

The Hon. Judge M.C. Doyle

The Hon. Judge L.G. Anderson
The Hon. Judge S.R. Creagh

The Hon. Judge D.M. Groves

The Hon. Judge J.K. Wheatley

On-Ice Officials

 The Hon. Judge W.A. Andreassen

The Hon. Judge T.D. DePoe
The Hon. Judge J.L. Dixon

In-Game Entertainment

Ryan Gallant

Kevin Mott

Regions Outreach

The Hon. Judge G.A. Rice

Calvin Patterson

Eman Joumaa

Defence Team

Shawn Gerstel

Bob Aloneissi

Crown Team

Lucas Huyser-Wierenga

Scott Niblock
Dennis Hrabcak


Ashley Gelinas

Kirsten Ostler


Neil McLeod


Judge Robert Philp (ret.)

Sarah Kelley

Adam Garrett

In-Game Fundraising

Patricia Hankinson

Breena Smith
Monica Sabo

After-Party Band


The Hon. Judge  W.S. Andrew
The Hon. Judge D. Dalton
Ryan Andrew
Kim Jorgenson
Jaxine Oltean

Kevin Sproule

Puck Drop

The Hon. Chief Justice
M.T. Moreau
The Hon. Chief Judge
T.J. Matchett

SLS Volunteers

Matt Ackerman

Ahmad Atwi

Shireen Bangash

Anthony Estephan

Isaac Hansen

Jordan McDermott

SLS Volunteers

Vista Namdarian

Emily Nguyen

Sunny Parhar

Jessica Swann

Braedon Tong

Chris Tuskan
Jarrett Schaumberger




Bob Aloneissi
Adam Garrett
Ashley Gelinas
Neil McLeod
Judge Robert Philp (Ret.)
Stacey Purser
Marissa Tordoff