2019 Crown vs. Defence Game

November 30, 2019, 4:00 pm
(Free family skate from 3:15 to 4 pm)
Clare Drake Arena, Edmonton
(at the University of Alberta, North Campus)

The After -Party

November 30, 2019, 5:30 pm
Dewey's, Edmonton
(at the University of Alberta, North Campus)

Free Parking Instructions

 Parking is available in all University of Alberta parking lots, beginning at 3 pm with UPark Code 50CQ20 (the "0"s in the code are zeros). 

Here are the instructions for parking:

  1. After parking in a lot (Stadium is closest to the event), go to the nearest parking pay station.

  2. Enter your licence plate number.

  3. Choose the amount of time that you would like to park for.

  4. Select "Yes" when asked if you have a coupon.

  5. Enter the provided UPark code (50CQ20).

  6. Choose whether or not you would like a receipt. You are not required to display a recept, as your licence plate will have been registered.

  7. Proceed to your event.